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  • Complete and submit the ADMISSION FORM
  • Interview to the Family
  • Interview to the candidate
  • Spanish, Mathematics, and English academic tests
  • Psychological interview

The Admissions Form must be submitted with the following documents:


  • Birth certificate (original)
  • 2 wallet size photographs
  • Report cards for the last three academic years taken
  • Transcripts
  • School reports, previous evaluations, recommendations


  • Birth certificate legalized in country of origin and respective consulate.(Birth certificates written in foreign languages must be translated into Spanish by a CERTIFIED PUBLIC TRANSLATOR).
  • School transcripts authenticates in country of origin which must be submitted to the Ministry of Education of Panama for their validation.*
  • School reports, previous evaluations, recommendations.
  • 2 wallet size photographs.


  • Immunization records.

*Requirements of the Ministry of Education for validation of school transcripts:

1. Submit student´s original documents and copies of previously passed academictranscripts of Elementary and/or High School education, depending on the last grade passed.

2. Copy of Passport.

3. Copy of Birth Certificate

4. Documents written in foreign languages must be translated into Spanish by a CERTIFIED PUBLIC TRANSLATOR.

5. The cost of Validation of School Transcripts is $5.00 for Elementary and High School.

6. Students of Elementary and High School must fulfill these requirements in order to enroll.  It is important that all academic documents be authenticated by Panamanian Consulate or Representation.  In case that there is no Panamanian Diplomatic or Consular Representation in the country of origin, documents may be authenticated by the Diplomatic or Consular Representation of a country holding relations with Panama.

Note: The Ministry of Education will not receive incomplete documentation.

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